I’ve Moved!

Hi everyone!

My blog is moving to a new space on the internet.  You’ll now be able to find me at www.simplecasualchic.com, my new domain!  I decided that I wanted to invest a little more in my creative space, and am excited for this new journey!

Hope you’ll follow me over there 🙂  And, please be patient while I get things up and running!

Thanks for reading!


San Francisco Part 3 – Food

I always hear stories from friends about fantastic restaurants, or some amazing food from a street vendor, but to be really honest with you all – I’m not an adventurous foodie, but I do enjoy a great meal!

In this post I’ll be sharing some of the great (and unique) meals I enjoyed on my San Francisco trip.

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San Francisco Part 2 – Hotel Nikko

Finding a hotel is, in my opinion, one of the MOST DIFFICULT things about traveling!

After lots of online research on hotels in the San Francisco area, we decided to stay at Hotel Nikko which is super convenient and just 2 blocks away from Union Square (you know, where all the shopping and amazing food is!).

Check out this amazing view of the city from the hotel room at Hotel Nikko!

hotel nikko 2.4

This picture is from our corner room at the hotel – these rooms end in “05” and have an AMAZING view.

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San Francisco Part 1 – Celebrating My Birthday!

Welcome to Part 1 of a short series of blogs that I’ll be posting about my recent vacation!  As an overview, I’ll be posting about the highlights of my trip – including details about the hotel I stayed at, shopping and some great sightseeing options if you happen to be traveling to San Francisco!

san fran day 1.1.jpg

Thanks to some great deals on flights that I found online with Hawaiian Airlines, and excellent timing, I was lucky enough to snag a flight to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday!

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Travel | In-Flight Essentials


When it comes to travel, I like to make things as simple and easy for myself as possible.  I don’t want to fuss with anything, nor make it complicated for myself once I’m on the plane.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my 5 flight essentials almost any time I get on a plane.  Because I live in Hawaii, and unless I’m going to one of the other Hawaiian islands, the duration of many of my flights are at least 5 hours.  I have to keep myself entertained, comfortable and hydrated.

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