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When it comes to travel, I like to make things as simple and easy for myself as possible.  I don’t want to fuss with anything, nor make it complicated for myself once I’m on the plane.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my 5 flight essentials almost any time I get on a plane.  Because I live in Hawaii, and unless I’m going to one of the other Hawaiian islands, the duration of many of my flights are at least 5 hours.  I have to keep myself entertained, comfortable and hydrated.

Keep reading if you want to know more!

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  1. Kindle – I’ve been hooked on my Kindle since I first purchased it.  I used to prefer actual printed books, but since I’ve got my Kindle, I can’t put it down!  There’s just so much to read and everything is easily at your finger tips.  I’ll download a couple of books before my trip to read while waiting at the airport, during the flight, or if I have some downtime and want to do some leisure reading in my hotel room.
  2. Earbuds – A couple of years ago I found some great Sony earbuds on Amazon for about $15.  They are simple, sound great and are comfortable for my small ears.  (I’m always skeptical about the sound quality of cute earbuds for some reason…but if anyone knows of any good ones, let me know!)  I feel much more comfortable using my own earbuds, instead of the headsets that some airlines pass out – granted you can plug them in (haven’t come across this issue in a long time)!  I use these to watch the in-flight movie, or listen to music on the airline stations.  To be honest, I usually try to sleep on the plane and listening to music with these earbuds helps to drown the sound out.
  3. Snacks – Nothing crazy here, just some light snacks!  Crackers, gummy fruit candy, granola bars, etc.  Snacks that keep for a long time and are bite sized are typically what I choose to bring with me on the flight.  If I have any left over, they just turn into snacks on the go when I arrive at my destination!  When I’m constantly walking around and might have a late lunch, this helps hold me to the next time I get to eat a meal.  Or, if it’s late at night and I need a snack in the hotel room, I already got one!
  4. Hoodie – Airplanes get a little cold sometimes…OK, for me it’s pretty much all the time.  I dress comfortably, and always bring a hoodie in case the temperature gets a little cooler.  It also helps to make the flight more comfortable so I can catch some ZZZ’s!
  5. Water – I am someone who tries to minimize the amount of things I purchase at the airport because it’s all so expensive!  The one thing I make an exception for is…WATER.  You never know when you might feel dehydrated on the plane and need some water ASAP!  This way I can have it with me at all times, without having to bother the flight attendants!

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10 thoughts on “Travel | In-Flight Essentials

  1. reinventingjess says:

    I used to travel a lot for my previous job and became somewhat of a Ninja when it came to getting through security fast and packing the essentials in a carry on. Kindles didn’t exist back then, but my essentials were pretty much the same a yours! Great tips for travelers!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Roxy says:

    I somehow always forget to pack a snack and always end up buying overpriced airport food. A jacket, my iPad, and ear buds are essentials for my daily life so are usually the first things in my purse when it’s time for a trip. These are all great tips!


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