San Francisco Part 2 – Hotel Nikko

Finding a hotel is, in my opinion, one of the MOST DIFFICULT things about traveling!

After lots of online research on hotels in the San Francisco area, we decided to stay at Hotel Nikko which is super convenient and just 2 blocks away from Union Square (you know, where all the shopping and amazing food is!).

Check out this amazing view of the city from the hotel room at Hotel Nikko!

hotel nikko 2.4

This picture is from our corner room at the hotel – these rooms end in “05” and have an AMAZING view.

If you’re looking for a nice hotel to stay at, I would highly recommend Hotel Nikko.  And I would say that hands down, this is one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at with excellent customer service.  (Although, I gotta be honest, it does run on the pricey side.)

hotel nikko 2.6

Here’s a picture of their lobby area.  To the right is the front desk that you’ll see if you enter from the ground level near the drive way.  There are elevators (down the hallway on the right) that take you right to the front desk area.  The staff here is super nice and someone is present 24 hours a day.

This might sound crazy, but I’m not a football fan and do not follow the sport at all.  I had NO IDEA that the Super Bowl was in San Francisco the week that I was there!  I had already returned home before the day of the actual game, but in case anyone is wondering – that’s why there is a “Super Bowl 50” graphic projected in the lobby.  San Francisco had TONS of football/Super Bowl logo gear and events everywhere!

hotel nikko 2.7

Making a 180 degree turn from the picture of the front desk, you’ll see the Anzu Restaurant (at the top of the stairs in this picture, where I had dinner on my birthday), Feinstein’s At The Nikko and the Kanpai Lounge.  Although I can’t speak to experiences at all of the three places, this is some of the entertainment/night life options that the hotel offers if you want to stay within the property.  Anzu was a great restaurant, with excellent service!  (I’ll be posting food pictures in this series, so stay tuned!)

Although some may consider the rooms to be a little bit on the small side, I would say that the “look and feel of the room is modern and comfortable.  I read some reviews online that people though the layout of the room was “interesting” because they had to walk down an L shaped hall way, where they passed the bathroom, before they got to the actual bedroom – which is true for the room that I had.  I didn’t have a problem with this at all, and it’s likely the L shaped hall way was there because of the corner room and the layout of the other rooms on the floor.  And I need to mention that the bed is SUPER comfortable!

Not pictured in my shot of the room above is the desk and chair that the room.  There’s also a table at the desk where you can view hotel accommodations and ideas of things to do while visiting San Francisco.  |  In the lobby, there’s also this super cute Powell & Mason Cable Car DOG HOUSE!  I didn’t see the dogs that occupy this dog house, but after looking at Hotel Nikko’s website, I’m guessing they have dogs as their “mascot”.

hotel nikko 2.1.jpg

Sometimes you have those nights where you’re just tired from the long day out and about sightseeing, and you’re too tired to go out to find some dinner.  Well, the room service option at Hotel Nikko is also fantastic!  And here, you can pretty much order room service any time of day!  I got the avocado club, which was delicious and I was stuffed!!

Overall, I would say that my stay at Hotel Nikko was awesome!  Not only is this hotel nice and well kept, it’s very close to the middle of the city and there are lots of places to eat and things to do.  The customer service at the front desk, concierge and room service are all excellent!  If you have the means to stay here, even if only once, I’d recommend checking it out.  An additional “nice to have” is that there is a Starbucks connected to the lobby!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post!

*If you’ve just joined me here on Part 2 of my San Francisco trip, click here to see SAN FRANCISCO PART 1 – CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY! which includes an exciting announcement!*


12 thoughts on “San Francisco Part 2 – Hotel Nikko

  1. kage2015 says:

    Beautiful place. We spent a week in San Francisco and rented a private home. Had three bedrooms and was perfect for my husband and I, my daughter and her husband and my son and his partner. Plus we saved tons of money.


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