San Francisco Part 3 – Food

I always hear stories from friends about fantastic restaurants, or some amazing food from a street vendor, but to be really honest with you all – I’m not an adventurous foodie, but I do enjoy a great meal!

In this post I’ll be sharing some of the great (and unique) meals I enjoyed on my San Francisco trip.

Since this trip was not only for a vacation in general, but also for my birthday, we decided to find a nice sit down restaurant for dinner to celebrate.  We ended up at the restaurant in our hotel, Anzu at Hotel Nikko, which I would describe the cuisine as upscale, Asian fusion; and the decor had a modern elegance type feel.

hotel nikko 3.1.jpg
I thought the “Happy Birthday!” at the top of the menu was a nice touch!

hotel nikko 3.2.jpgMaguro and Hamachi sushi for starters!

hotel nikko 3.3.jpgMisoyaki Black Cod – with wonton soup!  This broth was really good, and I wasn’t expecting edamame in there 🙂  yum!  The only thing about this dish was that it was probably not the best choice for a semi messy eater like me to eat, being that the fish was in a soupy broth…hehe!

san fran day 1.3.jpgComplimentary Salted Caramel Pot de Cream – it was sooo yummy!  I love salty desserts!!

Room service at Hotel Nikko was pretty awesome, too!  You know, there are just those days where you’re tired from the long day of sightseeing to walk out of your hotel room for dinner!  😉

hotel nikko 2.1.jpg

This Avocado Club Sandwich was SO. GOOD.  I love me a good club sandwich *thumbs up!*  I didn’t try the Philly Cheese-steak, but I’m told it was delicious.

Dojima Ann was literally a 30 second walk from our hotel – we basically crossed the street and walked past a couple of other restaurants to get there.  It’s a tiny Japanese restaurant where you may get a tiny bit cozy with your neighbor.  The food here is great, and they have a great selection!

hotel nikko 3.5.jpg

The Oyako donburi and miso soup warmed me up on a cold night!

Just across the Bay Bridge, I went to the Mission Heirloom Cafe in Berkeley.  The atmosphere of this restaurant was enjoyable, they had a nice outdoor seating area that was pretty large.  I was happy that it was actually heated out there, because I’m used to warmer climates and I felt like the weather was a bit cold.  This area wasn’t too busy or crowded, so the environment felt very casual and relaxed.  Although, the downside of this restaurant for me is that nothing on the menu was necessarily attractive.  BUT, you could also say I’m a picky eater 😉

hotel nikko 3.4.jpgThis is a picture of the taco salad they have, which was pretty interesting.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my 3rd post in my short series of my San Francisco adventure!

*Please check out my Part 1 – Celebrating My Birthday! or Part 2 – Hotel Nikko posts if you want to read more about my trip!*


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