Comparison Review | Hydroflask & bkr Water Bottles

Drinking water is really important.  It’s honestly (and unfortunately) taken me a while to realize the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated.

For the past few years I’ve found ways to get into a better routine and make a good habit of drinking more water.  And what really helped me was figuring out an easy way to have water with me as much as possible – carrying a water bottle!

Keep reading if you want to know more about my top 2 favorite water bottles!

Back in high school, and probably during the earlier part of college, I SUCKED at drinking water.

I just didn’t put it as a priority.

I would literally drink about 20 oz, or less, of some kind of liquid a day – iced tea, soda, lemonade…  All kinds of drinks that actually don’t hydrate you!

The biggest step for me to increase my water intake was figuring out how to create a visual for myself to see just how much water I was drinking on a regular basis, and to bring that up from drinking a 20 oz bottle of some soft drink.

This whole process started off with me drinking 1.5L bottles of water.  (Which is almost 6.5 cups of water.)  I would either buy 1.5L bottles in cases, or I used to run to the store across the street from my old job.  Drinking from these bottles helped me to see, and know, that I was drinking almost the “recommended” amount of water at 2L or 8 cups.  I know there are varying opinions on this, but let’s say that’s the base line.

I started to feel like I was making good process here!  Definitely increase the intake from previous years.

Now, I’m someone who tries reasonably to be earth friendly and recycle/eliminate waste, etc. – I’m not claiming to be perfect because there are still things that I can learn!  But it really got to me that I was wasting water bottles, even though I was recycling it.  I know there’s still an impact, AND the cost was starting to add up!

I could totally save money by having a reusable water bottle and getting water from the tap/refrigerator/pitcher at home!

Thus began my search for some water bottles!  I’ve tried a bunch, but have repeatedly used these two over and over again.

I don’t know if the hype is just in Hawaii, but Hydroflasks here are ALL the rage.  There are tons of retail stores that sell these plain or with the store logo etched into it!

The Hydroflask is basically an insulated, stainless steel container that you can keep hot or cold liquids in.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  I’ve even seen some that are made to hold food – I guess if you’re going camping or packing lunch and you want to keep it hot or cold for a period of time.

It’s slightly embarrassing to say…but I have 3 of these things in different colors and sizes.  (HEY!  At least they’re all different!)


Purple 32 oz, Blue 40 oz.

Hydro Flask Insulated Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Everest Blue, 32-Ounce

The first one I purchased was the 40 oz, and realized it started to get heavy to carry to work when filled to the top with water…so I started looking around for something smaller and ended up with the other two.  I also use my 18 oz for tea, and switch over to water throughout the day!  🙂

Pros:  Keeps iced water COLD!  I’ve washed out my Hydroflask and filled it with iced water the night before work and it stays cold overnight and into the next day.  It’s also keeps hot drinks HOT – my tea is always at a great temperature!  Tons of different colors and sizes to choose from, and customizable (there are tons of accessories for these things!).  Durable stainless steel.  Awesome warranty – I noticed some rust appearing inside and sent it back to the company using their process to submit returns, and they totally replaced it with a new one (I just had to pay for postage).

Cons:  Bulky size – if you get the larger sizes it will probably NOT fit in a cup holder in your car!  Can be difficult to carry because of the size – I don’t recommend carrying it by the strap that holds the lid on to the flask because it may crack over time (I usually carry mine in a bag OR bring along the 18 oz if I’m going out somewhere).

bkr bottle
OK, I’ll admit, purchasing the bkr bottle was influenced by it’s popularity among the celebrities!  I saw it in tons of pictures and got curious about it – not to mention this bottle looks pretty darn cute!

I had also heard a lot about the benefits of drinking water from glass bottles – clean taste, sanitary, and safe for those who worry about drinking water out of plastic bottles.  All of this made me curious about the bkr bottle, so I thought I’d pick one up and give it a try!

The bkr bottle comes in a huge variety of colors!  Because the glass is clear, the silicone sleeve is what adds a splash of color.

bkr bottle.jpg

500 ml size in the color Wren

The Original Best-Loved Little bkr: Glass Water Bottle + Soft Silicone Sleeve 500mL – Wren

Pros:  The 500 ml size that I have is great for when you’re on the go.  It fits easily in cup holders.  The silicone sleeve helps give it some grip, and you can carry it from the handle on the lid!  The opening of the bottle is small, which makes it easy to drink from (instead of spilling water everywhere!).  There’s a huge variety of colors to choose from!

Cons:  I would prefer to carry a bottle that could hold more water, however I’m not sure I’d like the 1L size – I’ll feel like I’m carrying around a large glass jar!  Unless you buy a special ice tray, most ice cubes probably can’t fit into the mouth of this bottle.  It’s difficult to wash the inside of the bottle unless you get one of those special scrubbers that are small enough.  You should probably only put cool/cold liquids in this bottle.  There’s no insulation.  Glass is fragile – I dropped this one, THANKFULLY on carpet so there was no damage!

So…which one do I prefer?

Overall, I think both are great products and I enjoy using both water bottles.  Obviously, I own more Hydroflasks – but honestly it’s because of the function of the bottle.  I like cold water, and when the water gets room temperature in my bkr, I’m not crazy about it.  I’m also really busy during the work day, so if I can reduce the amount of times I need to walk to the water cooler to fill up my water bottle, I have more time to get work done.  Also, because I usually drink tea in the mornings, I use my 18 oz Hydroflask with tea in the morning and switch to water for the rest of the day.

Noteworthy thoughts – I don’t particularly notice a different TASTE with holding water in one compared to the other.  But…I wouldn’t say that I have a sophisticated palate to pick up slight differences in flavor.  Also, I don’t spill water frequently when I’m drinking it, but it happens WAY LESS with the bkr bottle because of the small opening of the bottle.

Have any of you purchased a Hydroflask or bkr bottle?  How do you like it?  Are there any water bottle favorites that you have?

Thanks for stopping by!

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