Why You Should Create An Instagram Account For Your Dog

Everyone’s on Instagram!  EVEN ANIMALS!

While some think it’s just crazy and weird, I think it’s time we embrace the new wave of pets taking over the internet.

But…you know, it could be because I’m a bit biased.  😉  Check him out @katsu_the_lab

Coming from someone who has a puppy with more IG followers than it’s owner…[yes, that’s the sad truth] I think it’s a great opportunity for people to get engaged with their pets!

As someone who was MIA from the world of social media, I reentered this world with the help of my new puppy!

(Check out my blog post – I Deleted All Of My Social Media)

While Katsu doesn’t quite have the number of followers as an A list celebrity, I’m still pretty intrigued by the amount of followers he currently has.  😉  AND, I think creating an Instagram account for pets is a great idea for a few reasons.


Top 9 pictures of 2015.  (Account started in June 2015)

  1. There’s a HUGE community of pet/animal lovers out there that are just dying to share their love for their animals with everyone else!
  2. You can tap into this network of people if you’re hoping to get feedback or input from someone else who might have gone through something similar that your pet is going through (ex: the struggles of training young pets!)
  3. It creates a great relationship between you and your pet!  You spend tons of time together taking pictures or doing fun things so you can get those great pictures!
  4. You’re making memories that you can keep forever – or at least for the life of Instagram!  You have a historical trail of pictures to see your puppy grow up and remember all the fun times you had together.  PRICELESS!
  5. It is SO FUN to make friends with other pet owners AROUND THE WORLD.  And you can do all kinds of Instagram post challenges with them!



If I had to give someone advice on how to connect with others and grow followers when starting their pet’s Instagram account, there are a few items that I would highlight:

  1. Use hashtags!  You’d be surprised what people search for out there!  #labsofinstagram
  2. Comment on other pet owners’ accounts.
  3. Follow other pets on Instagram.  There are also account that repost pet pictures.  This can help increase your followers if they happen to feature one of your pictures.
  4. Most of all, HAVE FUN WITH IT!  Seriously, I never imagined people around the world would be following our account.  The followers started to grow with one simple picture that I posted one night while I was outside training and feeding Katsu dinner!


Katsu’s most featured picture has received over 50,000 likes across multiple Instagram accounts.


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