Review: PupBox 5 – January 2016

It’s PupBox time!  This is box 5 of 6 (after the 3 months of BarkBox I did prior)…so we’re expecting one more before I put this puppy subscription extravaganza on hold for a while.  We’ve seen tons of products that come in these boxes over the last several months, and it’s been so exciting!

If you’re curious about what we got last month, click here to see our Christmas goodies from December!

Let’s get right into it!  🙂

In December, PupBox inserted a little flyer to engage their subscribers to participate in something fun!  Basically, the flyer asked subscribers to take a picture of their pup enjoying the items that they received and to post the picture on Instagram with a hashtag.  Those who participated received an extra gift in their January box!  🙂

While I’ll honestly say I’m not quite sure which of these items is the bonus gift because it wasn’t indicated within the box – I still think these items are great!


The training tips in the box helped me to feel very optimistic that Katsu would be growing out of the adolescent puppy stage – which basically means…your puppy acts like a teenager who wants his independence and doesn’t want to listen 😉  Oh, the joys of puppy parenthood!

The card also talked about playing “hide and seek” with objects – I actually sat in on a workshop with our local trainer on this topic!  Mental exercise for puppies is just as important as physical exercise, and helps to burn that energy too.  (Great for those HIGH energy dogs, like Labs!)


  1. Groomie brush – this brush looked a little odd to me at first, only because I’ve never used something like this before.  The instructions say that you can use it on dry or damp fur, using circular motions you start at the back of the dog and work your way forward.  Because I was planning to give Katsu a bath right around the time this box came in (and he’s been shedding SO much lately!), I thought I’d give it a shot.  I use another brush on him that he doesn’t particularly like, so I crossed my fingers that this one would work out better – AND IT DOES!  He doesn’t mind when I brush him with this Groomie brush at all!  🙂  It doesn’t remove as much for as I would like it to, but is VERY easy to clean.  It also gets that spot when you rub his tummy with it and his leg goes crazy!  Success!
  2. Beco Ball – I’ve seen this ball online before and was curious about it, so I was happy we got it in this month’s box.  We’ve been losing tennis balls all over the place, so I tossed this one at him as soon as I opened the box up and snapped a few pictures.  Katsu loooves chewing on this thing.  It’s hollow for treats in the middle, but I think what he likes is actually that the hollowness makes it feel a little more bouncy when he chews on it!  It has a good bounce when throw and totally catches his attention.  Love it!
  3. Plushie rope toy – I don’t exactly know what animal this is (horse?) but I thought it was really cute!  It looks a lot like the dino rope toy that we got in the last box.  I think these are great to play tug of war with 🙂  It’s a nice hybrid between plushie and rope toy!
  4. Tuffy plushie – This doughnut shaped plush toy is perfect for Katsu!  He likes to fetch his toys (tennis balls, plushies, everything!), so this is easy to toss for him.  It’s also made from durable materials because he also loves chewing on his toys, as all dogs do!
  5. Alaska Naturals and Isle of Dogs treats – yummy bite sized treats for my puppy!  Because all puppies love treats 🙂  I haven’t heard of Alaska Naturals before, but I thought salmon was an interesting flavor to try.  I know that when I switch Katsu off of puppy food – he’s going to have a WHOLE range of flavors (we’ve just been sticking to chicken, beef and bison).  This is a great introduction to some fish flavors to see how he likes it.  I’ve also seen Isle of Dogs around in the stores before, and was curious about what it’s all about, so I’m glad we have a little sampler here!
  6. Bully Stick – bully sticks are basically long lasting dog chews made from beef.  I’ve only given Katsu a bully stick once before at our obedience training class.  We were working on training our puppies to drop whatever they had in their mouths.  Our trainer recommended using a high value item that lasted a long time (the bully stick), and work with the puppy so that they will voluntarily give it up.  I’ve been slacking on this training…TERRIBLE, I know!  So, here’s to giving it more practice!


Overall, I’m pleased with what we got in this month’s box!  We only have one more box to go before we take a break from the subscription boxes.  We’ve accumulated a ton of toys and treats during this process, but it’s been lots of fun!

I honestly don’t know who’s having more fun…my puppy or me!  We both love getting new things  😉


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