Review: PupBox 4 – December 2015

pupbox 4

OK…so I know I said that November’s PupBox was the 3rd and last box of the subscription that I got, which was only supposed to be for 3 months.  BUUUUT…guess what happens when you forget to cancel said subscription?


Honestly, my credit card wasn’t as happy about that with all the other holiday shopping that I’ve been doing.  HA!

But what can I say?  At this point it’s too late, and my lucky, spoiled little puppy will get another 3 months of goodies.  (Click on the link to follow him in Instagram!  He’s got tons of pictures, and some playing with his toys :))

He’s definitely not complaining about that.

Anyway – I know I usually wait a month before posting about what we got, but I figured it’s the holidays and we received some themed items in this box!  So here we go!

pupbox 4-2

Well, I’m actually glad that I got what came in this December box because, it’s super awesome!  Check out these goodies!!

  1. Reindeer plushy – Katsu’s NEW fave!  He CANNOT get enough of this thing, seriously.
  2. Dino plushy rope toy – excited to play with this one…It’s SO CUTE!  This might sound strange, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE dinosaur and dragon toys for my puppy.  HAHA!  I mean…he kinda doesn’t have a say in what I bring home.
  3. Old Mother Hubbard cookies – in holiday shapes!  We got some stars, trees, Christmas stockings.  Peanut butter flavor…even better!  My pup loooves peanut butter.
  4. Tooth brush and tooth paste – I really need to start brushing those pearly whites.  The part that makes me hesitate…is the SIZE of his actual teeth.  They are HUGE – and it hurts sometimes when he play bites, so I’m not really looking forward to training him on brushing his teeth..but you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
  5. Cloud Star dental chew – these say they’re supposed to be good for dog’s tummies, which I appreciate.  I’ll honestly say, there was another brand of dog chews I got for him, and it didn’t go over well.  Don’t do what I did!  If your puppy is still a puppy (even though he is a 70 lb baby) DO NOT give adult dog chews, get the puppy ones!  My poor fur baby got sick…Mommy’s fault.
  6. Bow tie – been looking for one of these, so I’m so happy it came in this box!  There is an elastic so that I can easily slide it over his collar to put it on 🙂
  7. Chicken & Waffles flavor breath freshener – this is so interesting to me.  I might try it some time soon, but I’m wondering how it works…maybe more research first before trying it out.

pupbox 4-3.JPG

This month’s training card for 8 month old puppies focused on dental care and teaching your puppy how to drop/return items to you.  It can be quite a difficult task teaching a puppy how to let something go, and I’m definitely still working through this.

Puppies often think you’re just playing a crazy game of chase and run away when they have your…shoe/sock/whatever it is that they aren’t supposed to be chewing.  Especially when you start to come at them.

One of these days, I know he’ll get it!  For now (and probably for a while), I’ll keep using a combination of food to bribe him closer, and a quick hand to snatch things out of his mouth!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got!  Let me know if you’ve tried any subscriptions for puppies!  Did you and your fur baby love all of the things that you received?!


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