2015 Cyber Monday Haul – Nordstrom


One of my favorite things to do is shop…but not on Black Friday!  Okay, so I’ve gone Black Friday shopping twice before with some friends, and it was pretty fun.  However, I just don’t have the patience to wait in a long line somewhere, only to be disappointed I didn’t snag a deal.  For those of you who love it and live for Black Friday – all the power to you!  I prefer to do my shopping via Cyber Monday!

(Friends of mine who I exchange gifts with…please read this post AFTER Christmas.  I don’t want to give anything away!  Thank you!!  ;))

This year, the majority of my holiday shopping was done online on Cyber Monday.  Three simple reasons why I decided to go this route were – 1. Ebates, 2. Nordstrom had a very rare 10 bonus point day, 3. it’s convenient!

Nordstrom card holders received a 10 point bonus point day for Cyber Monday – and I knew I had to jump on this because 10 points days are so RARE!  This only happens a couple of times each year, and I’ve never heard of them doing this on Cyber Monday before.  It was honestly a no brainer.

And as I mentioned above…if you’re someone who I exchange gifts with…close your eyes!  Read this later!  Or, if you’ve already started reading…don’t be surprised if any of these look familiar…sorry – SPOILER ALERT!  I’ve actually removed some of the items I purchased because they were a dead giveaway!


I’m usually not a fan of things that have words or phrases printed on them, but I just thought that these were really awesome and had some great (or funny) messages.  The larger notebooks are from Kate Spade, which I thought were really nice.  There were several other notebooks that were available as well, but I just thought these ones suited the people I had in mind more than the other colors that were available.  I also found a cute coin purse that says “Shopping Is Cheaper Than Therapy” which I guess could be debatable 😉  Depending where we’re shopping!


These two notebooks had some cute messages like “Chic Happens” and “Be Awesome Today”.  I also found a cute choker necklace, with peachy jewels.

I stocked up on some of these notebooks because there are actually others I’d love to give these to as gifts, but maybe not for Christmas, since I found them something else!  I wanted to hang on to them anyway, since the bonus points at Nordstrom was such a great deal!


For myself…I bought a couple pairs of shoes 🙂  If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s totally shoes (a second runner up is probably bags and then fashion/beauty).  These Born “Livingston” combat boots are super comfortable!  And…totally not something I would normally buy!  HA!  I’m past the quarter life crisis, so I’m not sure what to call this one.  But lately I’ve just been wanting to change up my style a bit – which I tend to do every once in a while.  I mean…just on Saturday, I got an A-line lob with ash grey/brown highlights…c’mon now!


The second pair of shoes I got are these Vince Camuto “Sandria” sandals that lace up.  I first saw this in a Nordstrom catalog, and just couldn’t stop turning back to the page that they were on!  I tried them on in the store before purchasing them online because I knew I had to test them out first.  I’m usually someone who wears flats all the time (black ones, specifically), BUT I do have quite the collection of heels, especially pumps.  My main priority is COMFORT, and I just can’t put myself through wearing heels all day long, but I’ll wear heels depending on the occasion.  I just thought this would be a great addition to my current collection of shoes to add some variety!  I haven’t worn them out and about yet, but they were pretty great when I tried them on, so hopefully I can get through a few hours with them on 🙂

I also have a good size Petco order coming in.  Yes, so a haul from Petco to most people might sound strange.  But if you have a fur baby, there’s nothing weird about this!  I don’t know what’s going on with the order…but as soon as my shipment comes in, I’ll share some of his favorite items for all of you dog lovers!

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with your holiday shopping!  Hope this gave you some inspiration!


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