Quick Gift Wrap Bow in 4 Easy Steps

Gift Wrap 6

The holiday season is in full force!  Aaaand after the shopping for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all of those crazy holiday specials comes the daunting task of wrapping all those presents…  Want to add a little flourish to your wrapping?  Keep reading for a quick and easy tip!

It can be a challenge learning how to make extravagant (but beautiful) bows from ribbon.  I’ve watched many tutorials and guides on creating these fancy gift wrap bows, but still can’t recreate them  😦

Instead of going out and buying a package of pre-made bows with adhesive to stick them on to wrapped presents, I wanted to put a personal touch to each present and decided to do this!

What you’ll need:

  1. The present wrapped with paper
  2. Curling Ribbon
  3. Scissors

Gift Wrap 1

Step 1: Wrap some curling ribbon around the box and tie a knot.  Make sure you leave the ends of the ribbon long.

Gift Wrap 2

Step 2: Cut strips of curling ribbon at various lengths.  I personally like to use at least 6-8+ strips of ribbon.

Gift Wrap 3

Step 3: Attach the strips of curling ribbon to the ribbon tied around the box.

Gift Wrap 4

Step 4: Use the scissors to curl the ribbon.

Gift Wrap 5

And you’re done!  Here’s the finished product!

Gift Wrap 6

This is a great way to add a personal touch to presents that you’ve wrapped yourself.  I’ve gotten wonderful compliments on presents that I’ve wrapped this way, and it literally only takes a few minutes!  No need to worry about trying to get that complicated bow to look just right.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!  Please like this post if you found it helpful or gave you some inspiration for gift wrapping.  Good luck!


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