2015 Luxury Christmas Wishlist!


WAY WAY back in the day (about 10 years ago), I would post these extravagant Christmas wishlists on my previous Facebook account.  This list is purely for fun and include items that I dream of one day owning…but who knows if I ever will!  LOL!  A girl can dream, right?!

I felt like bringing this back this year because I actually have somewhere to post this!  YAY!  I love browsing luxury fashion and beauty items, even if they are out of my price range.  It’s just something I would consider to be my hobby and that I love doing, as strange as that might sound to others.  😛  There are cases where I try to set aside a little to save up for things that I really love and will last a long time.  I personally don’t think anything is wrong with doing so, although I know a lot of people out there would disagree.  In the end, it makes me happy and I can still live a fulfilling life, so why not!

Keep reading if you’re curious, or if you’ve got the money to spend and need to get a lucky lady a great gift!  😀  (I ENVY HER!)

  1. Burberry Heritage Trench Coat in Honey.  What a classic trench coat.  I absolutely adore this trench, and if I lived somewhere with colder weather I’m sure I would appreciate it a lot more.  I tried one on in the store recently and it BLEW ME AWAY.  There is so much history behind the making of this trench and how it has retained wonderful historical details.  If it wasn’t for the price tag, I’m sure I would have gone home with it!
  2. YSL Envelope Chain Wallet in Black.  I’ll be honest, I’m usually a larger purse kinda gal (I like to carry all the “just in case” stuff with me), but this is a great little crossbody!  What drew me to this particular style was specifically the black on black coloring.  It’s edgy and polished at the same time.
  3. Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Pump in Poudre.  I had the pleasure of trying these on.  Something about a pump with studs on it – it’s just an eye catching classic combination with a twist.  My biggest battle was – WHAT COLOR TO GET?  For fun, I tried on the Black/Blush and Poudre (nude).  I thought I’d go for the Black/Blush, but actually nude is the winner.  They looked fantastic!  Can I make a bucket list for shoes I must have in this lifetime?
  4. Hermes scarf.  Honestly, there are SO many beautiful patterns and art work in the extensive line of scarves at Hermes.  The colors are endless!!
  5. Manolo Blahnik “Hangisi” Jeweled Pump in Blue Satin.  Who can say no to these iconic shoes featured in Sex And The City?!  Manolo Blahnik’s pumps are classic and timeless.  If you’ve ever tried them on, you’ll find that they’re actually pretty comfy, too!
  6. Christian Louboutin New Very Riche Strass in Aurora Borealis.  Let me take a moment here.  HAVE YOU SEEN THESE IN PERSON?!  Any Christian Louboutin strass shoe is absolutely STUNNING.  C’mon, I’m like any other girl – if it glitters (and this SURE does), then I like it!
  7. Luxury Make Up Brushes.  My apologies for being general here – but there are just so many to choose from!  I haven’t had the opportunity of trying any out in person.  Chikuhodo, Shu Uemura, Wayne Goss and Rae Morris come to mind.  🙂
  8. SK-II and La Mer Skincare.  I’m a huge skin care junkie, and I adore these products.  I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to try at least one or two items from each of the line, and have gone through a few samples.  And, I think I’m hooked!  These products are high quality and have a price tag to match.  But, I’ve got to say that they’re amazing, and my skin has been responsive!
  9. Microsoft Surface Pro.  Whoever make up with the idea for their first commercial did a very good job, because I’ve wanted one ever since!  Why weren’t these around when I was in college?!  It combines the best of both worlds (tablet and laptop) and delivers fantastic features – I’d love to take notes with a pen on my laptops screen 🙂
  10. Vacation in Europe.  This is a dream wishlist, remember?  Thought I’d throw in a vacation package to Europe to my list!  I would love to visit Italy, London and Paris!  Home of TONS of history, sight seeing, great food and…fashion!

What are your dream wishlists?  Have you ever had a dream wishlist item come true?  I’d love to hear stories :)!!


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