Bloomingdales comes to Hawaii!


Just in time for the holidays!  The long awaited (well…I sure felt like it was a LONG time) expansion to the local mall in Hawaii has added on tons of new stores and eateries – and I’m sooo excited for everything to open up!  Ala Moana is the largest open-air mall in the WORLD, to date, and things just got better!

What used to be a large Sears department store and it’s parking lot has transformed into a new wing of Ala Moana.  With this transformation comes brand new stores like Bloomingdales, The North Face, and Zara, to name a couple.  I also noticed that some of the existing stores are moving over to this new section as well – Nordstrom will soon find it’s new home!

I was so excited for this renovation and am so glad that the construction is wrapping up because I was just DYING to check out Bloomingdales!  The store opened up on Thursday, 11/12/15, and I finally made my way over there a couple days later on Saturday.  Of course, it was PACKED!  There was so much going on and tons of promotions within the store.

I love how the store is organized and I see great new designers and brands that I am excited to try and learn more about 🙂

For those of you who may not be aware, we’re sometimes a little behind on things in Hawaii.  Meaning that, it can take years for stores to open up here, when those same stores are really common everywhere else!  Trust me – I’ve gone on trips to California several years ago in college, stopped by a Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret, and the Sales Associate(s) who would help me knew I was from Hawaii.

Why?  Because I was stocking up on everything in sight to bring it back home!

Ok – so some people might think that’s a little strange, especially if you’re used to having the usual stores right down the road.  But here, it was all the rage!

Not kidding – Target, H&M, Bed Bath & Beyond – those are all relatively new here too!  (I’m still waiting for Trader Joe’s!)

Anyway – my whole point to this post was that I had been in a bit of a fashion rut for a while.  Visiting the new expansion at the mall, and seeing all these great new stores has left me inspired.  Inspired to try new things, check out new fashion, and post even more content to my page!

I’m really excited to plan and put together posts next year.  I appreciate those of you who are currently following me and keeping up with my content.  And I thank you for being patient with me!  I want to post content that I’m proud of and I’m working on learning more about photography and editing so that I can do just that.

Any tips?  Let me know!

What inspires you?


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