Christmas Gift Guide 2015


The holidays are right around the corner!  It can be SO challenging to figure out what to get friends and family.

I always try to give gifts that are practical.  When I get a gift, it makes me really happy when I get something that I can put to use!  And, I think that whoever gave me that really useful gift is happy to hear that I was able to use and enjoy what they got me!

With that in mind – I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas by category, with the recipient in mind 🙂  Keep reading if you’d like to see more!

Gift ideas for…

The beauty/skin care enthusiast-
The holiday season is the best time for beauty and skin care lovers!  All of the best beauty brands come out with awesome holiday sets that come with an assortment of products.  A Sales Associate at a high end department store told me that this is THE best time to buy make up brush sets.  You can even break up the products in the set and use them individually as stocking stuffers!  (I love doing this!)

Some of the beauty subscription boxes can be gifted as well!  Send your friend, sister, mom, etc. a subscription that lasts a couple of months!  Don’t know their address?  Not to worry, some of these sites allow you to schedule an email that will be sent to the person you are gifting, and they can enter their address on their own!

The music lover-
Depending on how they usually like to listen to music, an iTunes or Spotify gift card might be right up their alley!  I’ve also purchased a variety of Sony ear buds on Amazon that were really great.

The person who is a professional, student, or just all around busy-
I think calendars and planners have evolved so much in the past 10 years!  I remember using really boring planners back in high school and college to jot assignments in.  Now, planners do much more than assignment tracking – they help us reach our goals in fun and cute colors 🙂

The bookworm or person who is craving knowledge-
Audio books are the new hot thing – grab them a gift card to purchase audio books that they can listen to!  I’m also new to the new, electronic, method of reading and absolutely love my Kindle.  I was skeptical at first, because I directly associate reading to hard copy paper books/magazines, but the Kindle is a fantastic device!

The fitness junkie-
Water is such an important thing that many of us don’t get enough of!  Hydroflasks or BKR water bottles are not only eco friendly, but a great way to make sure that you’re staying hydrated throughout the day!  The Hydroflask is also insulated, so hot beverages stay hot and the cold ones stay cold.  BKR is a very modern style, glass bottle that is great for carrying around and fits in your purse!

Your four legged furry friend-
Treat them to a subscription from BarkBox or PupBox!  I’ve tried both of these subscriptions and my puppy really enjoyed all the great goodies that he received!  Check out my reviews here – BarkBox Review 1, BarkBox Review 2, BarkBox Review 3, PupBox Review 1, PupBox Review 2.

Hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration for gift giving!  What are some great gifts that you’ve given or received?  Happy shopping!  🙂


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