Nordstrom Fall Beauty Trend Show 2015

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I LOVE Nordstrom – all my friends know  🙂  The first time I heard about the Beauty Trend Show I knew I had to check it out!!  This year was the 3rd time I’ve been to the event – but it was still as exciting as the first!  If you’re a beauty, skin care, or fashion lover, I would highly recommend checking this event out in your area!  (Especially if it’s before the holidays, because all of the wonderful holiday gift sets were there!)

First, I just want to be clear that this is not a sponsored post.  This is just an event that I think is AWESOME and I really enjoy it, so I want to share the information with others!

I was browsing the beauty department at Nordstrom a few years back when a Sales Associate mentioned the Beauty Trend Show.  I had never heard of it, and little did I know that this would be the start of my LOVE for the store.

If you’re not familiar with the event, here are a few basic details (this may vary by location):

  • The event is held in the morning before the store opens!  It started at 7:30 am, at the local store in my area.  There may be a roped off section for a line to enter the store
  • A part of the store is basically blocked off with a stage and runway set up.  Chairs for the audience are lined up on both sides of the runway – just like a fashion show!
  • To attend the event you must purchase a $20 gift card that you can use in store for products!
  • Nordstrom invites beauty experts, brand representatives, and even CEOs/Presidents of popular beauty brands to talk about their products
  • Guests are able to schedule appointments with pros for beauty tips and make overs!

Basically, the Beauty Trend Show is like a fashion show with tons of info/quick tutorials on the latest beauty trends and AMAZING give aways!  (Seriously, people win drawings worth hundreds of dollars!  Hopefully, they’ll pull my name one of these days!)  Not only are the beauty experts fabulous and have great information to share, but they are wonderful, entertaining personalities!


When you line up at the door, gift bags with several samples are distributed to each person.  I really liked the lightweight canvas bag that they gave away this year!  There is also a raffle ticket and pencil, so that you can write your information to enter the drawing.

When everyone enters the store, they’re led to the section of the store that’s been set up for the show.  At each seat, there was a program that included a list of the different clothing items worn on the models and beauty products that would be presented.

After the show, all of the beauty experts and TONS of other beauty professionals crowd the beauty department for facials, manicures, makeovers, etc!

I was excited to have an appointment with Jo Malone!  OMG – I adore their fragrances, but I have to be honest…I don’t know very much about the other products that they have, and they are a bit pricey!

I got a luxurious hand/arm massage with their body creme and tried two scents (one on each hand/arm) Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Blackberry & Bay Cologne.  I’m TORN between the two, they both smell so good!  What impressed me the most with these scents were that they are not crazy overpowering, but they lasted HOURS – I could still smell them on me during the evening and my appointment was like a 9 am!

One thing that I learned during my appointment is layering scents.  A lot of the scents from Jo Malone are actually made to wear together, which I thought was really interesting.  I’m not very good at figuring out what scents smell good together, so I really appreciated the information!

The product that I decided to take home with me was actually not a scent!  It was their Vitamin E Gel, which helps to soothe dry skin and can also be used as a cuticle treatment.  Lately, my skin has been dry but I noticed more problem areas that need some help (elbows, heels of my feet) and this came highly recommended!  This product is pretty pricey, but many others said that a small amount goes along way and the tiny jar has lasted them 1-2 years!

NordstromBeautyTrend2015 (2)

Hope this information was helpful, if you’ve heard of and was considering checking out one of the Beauty Trend Shows!  If you’ve gone before, let me know what your experience was like – I would love to hear about it!


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