I Deleted All of My Social Media

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It’s UNHEARD of.  But I’ve done it.  I deleted and stayed off of ALL social media platforms for about 5 years.

No accounts.  No access.  (Unless, you count LinkedIn?)


People asked me questions about this all the time!

You mean, you don’t have Facebook?  How do you not have Facebook?

Did you EVER have social media?

Funny you ask – why yes, I did!  I used to have ALL of the social media accounts – MySpace, Facebook, had my own webpage, accounts on forums, those small “social media” sites before social media was even a trend, Xanga…ok that’s probably showing my age 😉  I was highly engaged and connected to college classmates, coworkers, friends I knew growing up.  I was social networking like crazy.  And no, I didn’t have Facebook on “hold” like I was about to delete it, but could turn it back on at any time.  It was completely erased.

So…why did you delete all of your accounts?

My main reasons for deleting all of my social media are actually quite simple.  It took up a lot of time.  I was constantly logged in typing away on my phone.  I spent hours online.  It took up my life and I just didn’t want that.  Also…there were just too many posts that, honestly, I didn’t really feel connected with.

What was it like to not be connected?

It was actually refreshing.  I was in graduate school at the time, and I found that it helped me focus and prioritize school work.  Also, I knew others who had a lot of drama going on because of social media, so that was one less thing I had to worry about.

However, I will mention that there were definitely times when I had no idea what people were talking about or referencing, because it was based on a post that I didn’t have access to!  Friends would have to catch me up on things whenever this happened.

How did you keep in touch with people?

Believe it or not, since my closest friends knew I didn’t have social media to keep up with “current events” or invitations to parties, they would text or call me.  And because everyone else was so connected, friends would still know what I was up to with our mutual friends posting pictures, etc.  So even being “off the grid” by not having accounts, people could still see what I was up to.

And now you’re back on social media?  Why’s that?

Initially, I signed up for Instagram to try to reconnect with the rest of the world!  Something quick and simple.  I also wanted to post pictures of my puppy, Katsu!  I’m TERRIBLE at remembering to take photos, and usually keep only mental memories as reminders.  But I wanted somewhere to keep pictures of Katsu, because puppies grow SO FAST!  I thought this might help to be my motivation to post pictures 🙂  and it has been a great experience getting to know people on Instagram!

I had also been toying with the idea of starting a blog for the past couple years – so here I am!  I re-entered the world of social media in 2015 at full force.

Let me know if you’ve ever considered (or actually) deleting your social media accounts!  I’m curious to see if there’s anyone else out there who has done so and returned – what are your thoughts?!

Help me reconnect with the rest of the world!


9 thoughts on “I Deleted All of My Social Media

  1. keatingbartlett says:

    I’d be unemployed if I didn’t have social media haha it’s kind of a necessity when you work online and run your own online business. But I would love to do a social media free weekend sometime. That’s about as crazy as I can get lol


  2. Emma Palmer says:

    every year I give up Facebook for lent and I never miss it. It’s so refreshing to have a break sometimes! I think next year I’m going to give up blogging for the full 40 days, which will be a real sacrifice, but it means I can concentrate on giving myself a break and also potentially getting lots of new content written!


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