October 2015 Recap: Yoga Challenge, Puppy, Blogging, etc.


October has come and gone in the blink of an eye!!!!  And I’m already feeling that holiday spirit!

Just wanted to share a post, like I did last month, to recap October and keep myself accountable with my goals.  Keep reading for more!

In September, I started using the Passion Planner so that I could set goals and track progress on reaching them.  In my September 2015 Recap post, I reflected on what I set out to do during the month and it was a great way to see what I was able to accomplish and reflect on how I did.  I also realized that I need to think about a reasonable amount of goals for the month – I’m only human and can’t possibly do the thousands of things going through my mind!  This process also helped me to fine tune my focus on specific things to work on.  So, I thought why not do it again?!

October 2015 Goals:

1. Yoga Challenge
A local yoga studio I used to go to regularly had a 4 week challenge in October.  Over the course of 4 weeks, participants were required to complete at least 3 classes each week to qualify to enter a drawing for a prize.  Although prizes always sound appealing, that’s not the reason why I wanted to do the challenge!  I’ve been trying to challenge myself with fitness in general, and this made it SO easy because the guidelines were already in place.

The first half of the challenge was great!  I felt energized and accomplished, attending classes 3-4 times each week!  Half way through I was a little under the weather, and my “day” job just took up all my time, so I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to completely follow through.  I would love to say that blogging is all I need to worry about – but when my income comes from my full time job at a local company…other personal things kind of need to get put aside, unfortunately.

2. Walk the dog!
My puppy has been growing like a weed!  And at a little over 6 months old, he’s already reaching 65 lbs!!!!  (That’s a labrador for you!)  We’ve been taking him walking nearly every day (weather permitting), and he absolutely loves it!  My neighborhood is quite hilly, and we take about a mile long walk, half of which is uphill.  This happens in the late evening, so it helps to get him to sleep through the night 🙂

I’d say this is an accomplishment – but the next step is getting him to walk “properly” and not pulling us down the street the entire time!

3. Publish Posts Regularly
Obviously…this one did not follow through.  I know, I know.  I’m failing at this one every month!  I’m embarrassed, honestly.  Because I have high hopes for where I want to be with blogging.

However, what I realized with the yoga challenge is that I really need to schedule time a couple times each week for blogging and I KNOW I can accomplish my goal here.  I’m making this a point for November, and am challenging myself to keep up my posts.  I have also enrolled in an online photography class to help me learn more about photography and take better pictures to included in posts.

So excited!!!

What were your goals for October or what are you planning to achieve in November?

Set your goals and plan out how you’ll reach them!!  Feelings of accomplishment are so motivational!


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