Review: PupBox #1 – September 2015

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In an ongoing attempt to spoil my puppy 🙂  I decided to give PupBox a try, after our 3 month BarkBox subscription ran out.

During my initial hunt for a puppy/dog subscription box, I did research on PupBox and one of the reasons it interested me was the concept of providing age appropriate training tips and toys for puppies.  A second selling point for me, was that I recognized quality dog brands in Instagram posts of people who subscribed to PupBox.

What I think sets PupBox apart from others is their focus on the age of your puppy and the stages of puppyhood they might be going through.  Similar to BarkBox, they have their own custom packaging and wrapping – and the surprise of not knowing what’s going to show up in your box!

Contained in the box are several items (mostly treats and/or toys) but also a handout card with information about the growing stage that your puppy might be in, depending on age.  For example, younger puppies may need house training tips.  Our box came with tips on jumping at 5 months of age, which was definitely something that we were going through!  It also described how 5 month old puppies need lots of exercise and play time…not to mention PATIENCE!

The main difference I noticed between the boxes were that BarkBox has a breakdown invoice describing each specific item and the cost associated with it.  With PupBox, the description of the items contained is more general and does not include a itemized cost list.

The box contained 5 items (2 toys and 3 treats):
1.  Rope toy – he absolutely LOVES this toy!  We can play tug of war for quite a while…much longer than my hands would appreciate.  The downfall to this is that the rope does shed…so the poor thing started coughing on some rope fibers.  :/
2.  Squeaky weight toy – I’m not really sure what the thought is behind this toy..but honestly, my puppy will play with anything.  He just prefers some toys over others.  This isn’t necessarily a favorite.
3.  Vitamins – helpful!  I’m considering adding vitamins to my puppy’s diet.  However, I’m going to consult the vet before giving him any vitamins just in case!
4.  Barkin’ Bites – these are meaty dog snacks.  They’re rather large in size…so I’ll break them into pieces before giving them to my puppy.  He’s been eating a little TOO well lately 😉
5.  Banana cookies – this is an interesting snack!  It definitely caught me off guard, haha!  It was quite a large box, with LOTS of cookies so it will last us a while 🙂

As an honest opinion – I think these subscription boxes can be a little bit of a hit or miss.  You never know what you’re going to get!  Definitely convenient for the busy dog owner, since toys and treats are being delivered straight to your door.  However, I understand it isn’t the most cost effective method of providing entertainment or nutrition to everyone’s dog.  What I REALLY like about PupBox is the incoming training handouts – sometimes I just need the reassurance that I’m doing the right thing, OR tips on what to do with what I’m going through.  It’s great information, and definitely relevant!

We’ve already got our box for October – so I’ll be posting more on that once we dive in!  It arrived with some festive items 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful if you’re considering trying PupBox!


4 thoughts on “Review: PupBox #1 – September 2015

  1. partangel says:

    I always wondered if these boxes were worth it. I love to spoil my dogs too…but having four of them definitely makes it a harder task. Thanks for showing exactly what you got in your box!


    • the.nitta.notes says:

      I guess it’s a matter of opinion if it’s really worth it! I just thought it might be something fun to try and was curious about it – so I opted for one of the shorter subscriptions juuuust in case. I thought 3 months was a good time frame to see how things are and if the items are good. I understand that it can get pricey after a while though!!


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