Barkbox Review: August 2015 Box #3

Sorry for the delay, but thanks for hanging tight!  I’m finally posting a review of the Barbox #3, of the 3 month subscription that I purchased for my puppy, Katsu!

This box was received in August, at the end of summer.  And I felt like there was a hint of a theme in this box because of the season.  FUN!

Here’s what we received (descriptions to follow!):

10042015 (1)

10042015 (2)

  1. Bocce’s Bakery Chicken Treats – in a previous box, we received roast duck biscuits, which are pretty similar to these chicken flavored treats.  My puppy LOVES these types of biscuits!  They are pretty dry though, so I would recommend having water available for puppies/dogs when giving them these treats.
  2. Harry Barker Rope Fire Hydrant – this is a plushy fire hydrant toy, with a rope that runs through it.  The plush portion squeaks, and can make things a little more fun (or loud)!!  This is a really fun toy to play tug of war with, however – from my experience, if your dog is a little jump you need to be able to move quickly to get away from those TEETH!!
  3. Canine Caviar Sweet Potato Chew – I’ve read tons of articles saying that dogs really enjoy sweet potato, so I was so happy to get these!  I haven’t had a chance to give this one to him yet thought.  I’m not sure if anyone else has this experience, but whenever I give my dog actual vegetables, or dog foods that contain vegetables, it seems to bother his stomach a little.  Too much fiber?  I don’t know, but I’ll probably tear off small pieces because I’m sure he’ll like these!
  4. Delca Corporation Watermelon – OMG…this was the CUTEST thing!  Plushy watermelon, c’mon!  I was so amused, and so was he!  😉  It crinkles and squeaks, which makes things fun.  It’s so hilarious when my puppy chews on this toy upright, so it looks like he’s eating an actual watermelon slice.  ADORABLE.
  5. Treat Planet Dear Chew – I love these chew for dogs because it keeps them occupied if you’re busy and need to put your attention elsewhere for a bit longer than usual.  I’m saving this for when I need to use it for that purpose later.

I mentioned in a previous post that I only purchased a 3 month subscription with BarkBox, and the reason for that was because…well, it does run on the expensive side.  BUT, also because I knew things were just going to pile up!  I have quite a bit of treats on the side, which isn’t a bad thing (the expiration dates are a long time from now), but I also don’t want to be hoarding dog treats!

I thought this would be a fun experience, and it was!  Not only was I excited to get presents in the mail, my dog enjoyed getting new toys too!  🙂  I really liked how BarkBox provides you with a description of all of their products so that you have an idea of what things are.  The card with the descriptions also list the price, which helps to show where your money is going.  This was really helpful to me, because it’s almost like a “luxury” present for pets, and I’d like to know what I’m buying in to.

I would highly recommend trying out short subscriptions to BarkBox, if you just want to change things up and give your dog a variety of toys and treats.  I particularly liked the toys that came in these boxes.  They were all high quality and lasted for a long time (some of them are still in great shape and are played with on a daily basis!)

I noticed that a lot of these items are made special for BarkBox, or are not mainstream products.  There were a few things I tried to research online after receiving the boxes, just to know a little more about what I was getting, and I found it hard to locate more information.  (Something to keep in mind, in case you’re wondering)

Taking a break from the subscription world for a bit, but…we’ll see what happens!


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