September 2015 Recap: Goals, Career, etc.!

One of the things I hope to get out of blogging is basically a way to hold myself accountable with things I want to accomplish.  Sharing what I’m trying to do with a public forum helps put on some pressure – honestly!  And I think it will really help me to stick to things I said I would do.

This ties into my planner purchase, since the Passion Planner is very goal oriented!  But let’s be real…it’s a book that I’m responsible for updating on a regular basis.  If I put it on my bookshelf…who knows when I will open it up again!

Anyway – getting right into it!

For the month of September, I had 3 main goals:

  1. Familiarize myself with my new job
  2. Work out and walk regularly (puppy included!)
  3. Post blogs twice a week

So…how’d I do?

#1 – My new job definitely impacted the other two goals.  I have an increased commute time, which gives me less time to do personal things after work.  I know my commute is not nearly as long as others probably experience, but it’s really the time it takes me to get home from work that throws off the other things I’m hoping to accomplish.  However, I’d say that when I’m in the office things are going pretty good and I feel like I’m getting there!!  🙂  Yay!

#2 – I feel like I’m putting a good effort in here.  I have never been a very active person growing up or through high school/college, and I’m happy to say that I’ve tried a variety of fitness/active things this year so far!  (check out my post on aerial yoga!)  I really have to work on the frequency and make this a regular happening.  The weather where I live has just been terrible over the last few weeks.  LOTS of rain and storm/weather warnings and advisories, so I haven’t been able to take my puppy out as much as I would like 😦  Our activity tends to be more so in the yard, by playing fetch/frisbee, etc.  But I know we NEED TO GET OUT!

#3 – Obviously…I failed at this one.  LOL!  I had nearly a month without any posts going up!  -_-  Goal #1 sucked up everything else, but honestly, I would considered that one my main goal anyway.  Still working on it!  I’ve had some great ideas for content over the past few days and am very excited to get those posted!

What were your goals for September?  Did you reach them?  What are you doing to stay accountable?

Take care everyone!


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