Review: Passion Planner

With a new hobby (blogging), a new job, my growing puppy and hopes to set a regular workout schedule (just to name a few), I searched everywhere for a planner that I felt would best help me keep things straight.  In addition, I wanted a planner that would help motivate me and map out goals.

I looked through planners in stores and various online sites and finally came across one that I was really interested in and wanted to give a try.

The Passion Planner.

I ended up purchasing the undated version of the Passion Planner, because…September is kind of a weird month to start using a planner and I wanted to make sure that I had something to work with right away.

What caught my attention was the layout and thought behind using this particular planner.  Essentially, it helps you chart out goals (passions) and schedule out a breakdown of how you plan to get there.  It also has sections within every week that help you prioritize and make lists of things that need to get done.

I immediately though – PERFECT!  Just what I was looking for!

2015 has been a big year of realization and change for me.  There are many different things that I feel motivated to do.  One thing in particular is blogging.  I think using this planner is really going to help me from becoming overwhelmed, but still keep me on track.  Of course I know a big part of that is me putting this to use, pen to paper, and making the most of this planner.

In case you’re interested in seeing what’s inside, I’ve included some pictures:

09072015 (1)

09072015 (2)

Things I like about this planner:

  • Sections that you can use to reflect on the month
  • Motivational quotes
  • A unique system to help you chart out goals
  • Reminders to review your goals for the month and keep you on track to achieving them

I think this upcoming year has a lot of potential.  I have high hopes that this planner will get me through things, when then turns to[fingers crossed] opening new doors for opportunity.

Let me know if you use a planner and how it helps you stay on track!  Also, if you’re someone who uses a Passion Planner, do you have any tips that help you stick with your goals?

*This post is based 100% on my own opinion.  I was so intrigued about the concept of this planner after looking through it for the first time, that I knew I wanted to share my thoughts about it.  I purchased this with my own money.*


10 thoughts on “Review: Passion Planner

  1. keepingupwithashlyn says:

    I lovvve planners that are like workbooks!! This one seems like an all-in-one deal! I always have a difficult time keeping up with planners… I’ve purchased two in the past two years with every intent on using it as a blog content organizer, but I can never keep up! Can’t wait to hear about any updates with your planner. 🙂

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