StitchFix Review: Subscription Box #3

Hello everyone!

I decided to try StitchFix at least 3 times before determining if this is a subscription box that I would like to continue with.  Box #3 has arrived!  Keep reading if you want to know what I thought about the items I received!

As a recap to my previous post where I outlined my first 2 boxes, the first box was relatively good (they matched my profile and preferences a little too well, everything looked like something I already owned) and the second not so much (I had to force myself to keep something to make use of the $20 styling fee).  I feel like the third box was pretty successful!  YAY!

Tip: This time around I decided that I would link a Pinterest board of mine to my StitchFix account to help the stylist with some inspiration.  Result – IT HELPED A LOT.

In addition to the clothing, the box also contains things like – a message from the stylist, outfit cards to give you ideas on how to wear the pieces, billing invoice and return package.

(I remembered to take pictures!  YAY!!!)

09042015 (1)

The outfit cards show outfits that use one or two pieces included in the box – the goal here is to add pieces to incorporate into your current wardrobe, rather than building a new wardrobe from scratch.

09042015 (2) 09042015 (3)

I enjoyed all of the items that I received.  But first, let me share some thoughts about the items!

  1. Bay to Baubles “Leapona Gem Statement Necklace”, $34 – This necklace was pretty nice, but I have something that looks much too similar.  Since I don’t own many accessories, I would like to try to diversify my collection as much as possible.  The disappointing part – it was missing two rhinestones!  😦
  2. 41Hawthorn “Walt Skirt”, $68 – I believe StitchFix sells a lot of their own brands, or brands that are made specifically for them to sell.  I recall seeing mention of 41Hawthorn being a StitchFix exclusive brand, but don’t quote me on this!  I thought this skirt was pretty nice, but I don’t often wear skirts.  Would have been more likely to keep this if it was a solid color.
  3. Collective Concepts “Amstoy Split Neck Blouse”, $58 – Sheer white polyester blouse.  I liked the sleeve detail, and the material is lightweight and great for summer!  Will need to layer a tank top under this.  I think this is a pretty standard white tank top, but thought there was a bit of a twist to it that I liked.  KEEPER!
  4. Kensie “Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer”, $88 – I really enjoy black blazers.  I thought this one looked great!  The only thing that turned me off was the sizing.  I have a very slim/petite build, and this blazer looked rather baggy.  With blazers, I like a tailored fit to look more put together.
  5. Just Black “Rogers Distressed Boyfriend Jean”, $78 – In the message, the stylist made reference to my Pinterest board, and mentioned that she noticed I pinned pictures of boyfriend jeans!  To be honest, I’m not sure I would have taken the plunge and actually purchased a pair, had they not been in the box.  I’m always hesitant to try some on for some reason!  KEEPER!

So, what’s the verdict?

I initially wanted to try out StitchFix to diversify my wardrobe.  With my new job, I was also hoping to get some new pieces to wear to work.  Although I do receive a combination of casual and professional wear, I tend to be drawn towards the casual pieces in every box I’ve received so far.

StitchFix is great for people who really want to be surprised and get out of their comfort zone with some of the pieces that they wear.  It also helps those who have really busy lives and don’t have time to go shopping!  The special touch is definitely being able to have a personal stylist select items based on your preference – this I think is truly awesome!

Ultimately, I’ve decided to cancel my StitchFix subscription.  Although I do like the surprise of receiving surprise items in the mail…I’m also very particular with what I wear and feel I can get a better result shopping on my own.  I’m also not as pressed for time (I mean, I’ve found some time to blog!) and enjoy the shopping experience of either going to the mall or looking around online.

Overall, StitchFix is a great idea, and I have a few friends who have tried it and really enjoyed it.  I just don’t think it’s for me right now.  Maybe I’ll try it again some time in the future, but I’ll be taking a break from clothing subscriptions for now!

Thanks for reading!  Let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

*This post contains a referral link to StitchFix, if you’d like to try it out!  For more information, please see my disclosure page.*


4 thoughts on “StitchFix Review: Subscription Box #3

  1. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side says:

    I had the same experience as you. Although I just won the $20 styling fee yesterday, so I”m going to give it a try again, now that they have petites, maybe…but I always think everything is so expensive! Yes it’s good quality, but I can’t keep buying super expensive pieces all the time.


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