How To Prepare For Your 1st Day At a New Job

I’m really excited to begin a new journey in my career.  There are a few days before I start my first day with a new employer, and thought I would share what I’m doing to prepare for this big change!  If you’re starting a new job, I’m hoping this post will be helpful.  This will be targeted towards those who work in an office (because that’s my situation), but may give others ideas on organization tips and things to consider.

Look professional!  It’s really important to present yourself professionally on your first day at a new job.  Think about what you’re going to wear on your first day.  Find out if there is a dress code or uniform that you’ll need.  I like to prepare at least for the first week – it helps me concentrate on changes that are happening with this transition and things I’ll need to learn for work, rather than worry about what I need to wear.

Depending on the work environment, different styles of clothing, accessories, and make up may or may not be acceptable.  This is a great item to discuss with your manager or HR department prior to your first day.

Also, be prepared if your job requires you to have an ID badge with a photo.

Transportation?  This one is a big change for me.  In the past I’ve worked in areas where I drove in the opposite direction of traffic and where parking is pretty easy to find.  Since I’ll be “relocating” to the city, this was a lot to think about.  Parking is not only expensive, but RARE!  I mapped out bus routes and the distance between my home vs the bus stop, and the bus stop vs the office.  This was probably the item that took the most time for research and planning.  Travel time (including wait time) was a HUGE item to consider in coming to my decision.

In the end, I got lucky with a waiting list for a parking stall in a lot very close to the office!  I guess others on the list just didn’t want their stall after all!  However, since this lot is at the top of my budget, I’ll be waiting on some other lists and switch once something less expensive becomes available.

Food/Lunch Break.  Everyone needs to keep up their energy during the day!  I searched on Yelp for nearby restaurants, popular eateries, and convenient places where I can quickly pick up lunch near the office.  I’M EXCITED!  And since I won’t allow myself to buy lunch on a daily basis, I’ll be sure to see if there is an employee cafeteria or kitchen where I can keep my lunch in a refrigerator and heat up during my break.

Some of you may even be lucky enough to have an employer with a full cafeteria where you can purchase food!

Organize/Office Supplies!  This…is…my…favorite!  I’m a sucker for office supplies (notebooks, planners, pens, post it notes!) so this really excites me.

Many employers provide their employees with access to general office supplies – pens, notebooks, highlighters/permanent markers, etc.  But sometimes, and if you’re like me, you just prefer to have your own (especially when it comes to pens!!!).  I have a photo below of some of the items that I’ll be bringing with me on my first day.

I just purchased the Passion Planner to help me keep my schedule in check.  I’m also trying to add in hobbies (blogging!), workouts, and other points of interest into my regular schedule, so I’m using this planner to keep me on track!  (I’ll have a separate post about the Passion Planner, in case any of you are interested in knowing more!)

08272015 (1)

Misc. Items.  Sometimes you just need a few things to get you through your day.  Over the years, I’ve found that there are several miscellaneous items that I like to have with me at work just in case!  This includes items like Kleenex, Advil, tea bags (gotta love green tea!), snacks, hand sanitizer, etc.  I also have some friends who have “emergency kits” at their desk with a variety of personal items, should they need it – contact lens solution, band-aids.

Since I’ll likely be getting to the office early, due to my commute, I’ll probably also carry an e-reader to pass some time before my day starts!

Thanks for reading!  Good luck to any of you who may be starting a new job soon!


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