Obedience School For Your Puppy

Katsu completed a 6 week obedience training class for puppies!  Classes were every Saturday, for an hour, with a class size of about 6 puppies total.  I really enjoyed the small class sizes that the trainer offered.  She wouldn’t allow more than 10 puppies per class, so that everyone could have more individualized attention and ask questions.

I spoke with a variety of trainer before deciding to go with this one.  My main goals with obedience school were:

  • I want my puppy to grow into a well behaved dog who listens (this was the most important)
  • Classes allow puppy socialization
  • I need guidance on certain areas with raising and training a puppy that YouTube videos might not be able to teach me!

One of the challenges I had was finding a trainer/program that my puppy was able to participate in as soon as possible!  It’s very important to begin some sort of training with the puppy from the day it comes home.  I was on a mission!  The particular trainer I went with holds classes in a clean indoor environment, so puppies were able to start classes before they were fully vaccinated.  We were instructed to carry our puppies into the “classroom” so that they are not able to pick harmful germs up between our cars and the building.

Things to bring:

  • Leash and collar
  • Puppy treats for rewarding!
  • Waste bags

I also brought water and a bowl for after class, since there’s a lot of activity involved and puppies get thirsty!

Keep in mind:

  • Positive training is highly effective and a great way to train.
  • Your puppy may be scared of others!  This might be the first time that they have interacted with other dogs and puppies since they first left their litters.  Let them get adjusted on their own timeline.
  • If you are stressed out, your puppy can pick up on this and get stressed out too.  Try to relax and have fun!
  • Listen to the trainer.  Take the information home and work on it between classes.  This is KEY!

Learning the basics:

Prior to the first day of class, I researched YouTube videos and tried simple training with Katsu at home.  When we went to class, this made things MUCH easier!  Some of the things we went over in class were:

  • Sit, lie down, stay, come
  • Leaving something alone/how to take something away from your dog
  • Stop jumping and barking
  • Walking on leash

It may sound simple, and some of these we had worked on at home prior to coming to class, but it’s great to have someone guide you through certain challenges.  I thought I would be able to do all of the training on my own just from reading books and watching videos, but I’m really glad I enrolled in a class to help with this.  The main take away is to continue to learning and training process after the classes are over.

Good luck to anyone enrolling their dog into training!  Let me know how it goes!

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