BarkBox Review: July 2015 Box #2

This post is a little overdue, but I wanted to give myself enough time to try all of the products before posting a review.  Unfortunately, I failed a little here because I didn’t get to try one of these!!  Keep reading if you’d like to hear more about the BarkBox I received in July 2015!

I received 5 products in July’s BarkBox – 2 toys and 3 treats!  Here’s a picture of what the box looked like:

08202015 (1)

It may not have been obvious to me on the website, but it appears that BarkBox has themes each month for the types of products that they send out.  Last month was space, this month is a circus!  I think that’s pretty cute and creative!  Keeps me guessing, and keeps everything cohesive – which I appreciate and enjoy.  Overall, it’s fun!

Here’s the breakdown of what we got:

08202015 (2)

  1. Lucky Dog Grain Free Roast Duck Treats

This is a good amount of dog treats!  It’s like a dry cookie treat that are kind of heart shaped.  Upon opening the box and seeing these, I thought right away that Katsu would enjoy these!  What’s funny is that…every time I introduce a new snack, he thinks it’s a toy and will grab it in his mouth but throw it around in his surrounding area before actually eating it.  This was no different!  He enjoys playing and eating these!

08202015 (3)

2.  My Doggy Cheesy Cookies

Another dog cookie, but this one is a bit softer.  Also a pretty decent sized bag of treats.  Initially when I received this box, these treats were a little on the larger size for Katsu.  But honestly, he grows SO MUCH in one month that they’re just fine now!

08202015 (4)

3.  Pet Qwerks Pawpcorn

I thought this was HILARIOUS and SOOO cute!!!  This toy made a crinkling sound (think of plastic wrappers/water bottle) when you squeeze it.  At first I didn’t think it was a squeaky toy, but it did end up having the squeaker in it.  I guess I’m just not squeezing it as hard as a dog would be biting it.  Unfortunately…this toy didn’t last very long.  If your dog has sharp teeth, it will likely tear through the red and white striped “popcorn container” section.  It’s probably due to the type of fabric they used, it had a very large weave so it was easy to get little puppy teeth in there.  It was only a couple of days until stuffing started coming out of this one 😦  It was cute while it lasted!

08202015 (5)

4.  Petmate Muscle Man Cuz

OK, is it just me or does this toy look…odd?  Basically it’s a rubber ball that squeaks.  The good thing about it is that…it’s difficult to squeak!  (That is, if you’re looking for a toy that isn’t as noisy)  This has become the new fetch ball of choice, and it’s been through quite a bit and lasted.  Although it looks strange, in my opinion, it’s been a great addition to the toys.

08202015 (6)

5.  Butcher’s Block LLC Beef Knee Cap

Alright, so am I the only person who is hesitant to give their dog actual bones?  I’m not sure what my hesitation is, and honestly, it’s natural for the canine species to have bones, right?  In any case, this is the only item we received that I did not give to Katsu yet.  I’m going back and forth wondering if it’s too hard on his teeth and if he’ll be okay chewing on this.  If anyone has any thoughts/feedback on this one, please share!

As I expected – things are piling up!  I still have dog treats from the last BarkBox that we’re still trying to finish, and the only toy that hasn’t made it very long was the Pawpcorn.  I’m glad that I decided to go with a shorter term subscription, because I can’t imagine what I would do if I had it as something on going!  Dog goodies up to my ears and filling up the house!  Maybe I’d be able to get a spot on one of those hoarding tv shows….uh oh!

I would still recommend BarkBox as something fun to try – for both the dog and owner!  If you’re looking for something new and only want to try it for a couple of months, I don’t see why not.  OR, if you have a packed schedule and feel like it’s difficult to go to the store to pick up treats and toys for your dog, this might be a good alternative as well.

I have received the last box in the 3 month subscription, and will wait to post a review (we haven’t been able to try anything yet, but there are some pretty great items in there from what I can tell!).


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