Make up piling up? An easy way to get through products!

Hello everyone!

OK.  So, I can’t be the only one out there who’s influenced by all of those wonderful YouTube beauty vloggers!  I’m hooked on watching YouTube videos and I tend to take their advice on products more often than I probably should!

Basically, what I mean is…I’ve been buying more products than I need. And these products have been accumulating.  Duh, I only have one face!  >_<  And, the fact that I used to work at the mall…surrounded by retail…need I say more?

My other problem is, I’m SUPER indecisive when it comes to actually using these products.  My assumption is (and correct me if I’m mistaken)…most people have a routine that they go through with products that are their favorites for most days.  For some reason, this is some kind of struggle for me and I feel the need to change what I’m doing nearly each and every time!

(If you do this and feel like it’s a problem, I’m right there with you!!)

ANYWAY, after a long struggle, I’ve finally realized that I need to figure out a better system.

I went to a Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show earlier this year, and got this cute make up bag as a gift with purchase for Bobbi Brown.  I decided that I would select the basic products that I need on a regular basis and keep them in this bag.  I also threw in a couple of different eye shadows that I might want to switch out depending on how I feel.

08172015 (1)

The bag is relatively small in size, so it makes me think carefully about what I want to hold in it.  I’ve been able to concentrate on using certain items rather than diving into the larger collection…that really is more extensive that it needs to be.

This system really helps me in a couple of ways:

  1. It doesn’t take me as long to decide on what I want to use each day – it’s all right there before me!
  2. I noticed that I’m FINALLY getting through some of these products!  Woohoo!
  3. It’s helping me de-clutter!

This also helps rotate products I’m tired of, but keeps the ones I really like readily available.

I’ve also eliminated products that I haven’t touched in a while, and know I won’t miss.  This has been an ongoing process this year for me – clean up and get rid of the unnecessary!

I feel really good about this little “system”.  It’s a simple concept, and it has helped me make the mornings and getting ready easier!  (I’ll save my other make up for those occasions I have more time to get ready!)  Don’t know why I haven’t done this before – I might have been caught up in organizing things by “categories” rather than having a “things I use all the time” bucket!

If you’re having the same issue that I was, I hope this helps!


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