Review: Japanese Eye Drops

Please note that this is completely based on my own opinion of Japanese eye drops, and the reasons why I like them so much.  I’m not a doctor or trained professional on this topic, but wanted to share my experience with this because it works so well for me.

I love lots of things from Japan (clothes, cosmetics, pens, etc.)!  One of the items I seriously can’t live without may seem silly…but it’s Japanese eye drops!!  What’s so special about Japanese eye drops, you ask?  Keep reading if you want to find out more!

I can’t remember exactly when I first tried Japanese eye drops, but it must have been over 10+ years ago during college.  I have dust allergies, and my eyes will get watery and itchy if I’m in a dusty area.  After bringing this up to my eye doctor he suggested that I try using eye drops to alleviate the itch.  Thus began my experimenting, and trial and error, with eye drops!

I tried a variety of eye drops – ones that claim to be like natural tears, others that say they help with allergies.  But they never really DID much or FIXED the issue, and actually…my eyes sometimes felt even more irritated!  Basically, I went down the aisle of the drug store with eye drops, and tried a variety of different ones.  I FINALLY  found one that worked, and upon further research online, found that it was actually a Japanese eye drop brand that I happened to pick up (there was no Japanese writing on the packaging)!

So, the reason why these eye drops work fabulously for me is because it has a cooling sensation which makes me tear up a lot.  Therefore, any dust or whatever was irritating my eyes ends up getting washed out by the tears.  I also find the cooling sensation refreshing.  HOWEVER – I must warn you, if you’ve never tried these before, it might surprise you!!

It may also be challenging to find contact friendly versions of these eye drops.  I didn’t find any at my local drug store, but when I visited Japan, I noticed they were available (indicated on the right).

08052015 (1) 08052015 (2)

Speaking of the cooling sensation…if you’re a first time user, BEWARE!!!  I’m not kidding!  Friends of mine have asked “hey, does anyone have eye drops?” and when I offer these up and friends use them, they either love it or hate it, NO JOKE!  The cooling sensation can be quite a surprise, and if you aren’t used to it you may interpret it to be a “burning” feeling.  Friends have shut their eyes tight and literally said “OH MY GOSH!!!  HOW DO YOU USE THIS?!?!?!?!”  I honestly would describe this as a minty feeling in your eyes.  And I know people find that truly disturbing!

If you’re ever in Japan and you happen to see these in the store, you might also notice that some of them come with some sort of ranking scale printed on the back, which I believe is an indicator for how “strong” or “cooling” the eye drops are.  Give it a shot, if you’re curious about it.

In all seriousness though – I love this type of eye drops.  Not only does it help me tear up and wash out any tiny dust particles that might be bothering my eyes, I also feel like it helps reduce puffy eyes, if I’ve been rubbing my eyes, and redness.  The cooling/minty feeling doesn’t bother me one bit, and I’m completely accustomed to it.  It’s basically like regular eye drops to me and I ALWAYS stock up on these when I get the chance.  When I’ve gone to Japan I’ll pick up a bunch, or I’ll ask friends who are headed there to grab some for me on the way back.

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions I might be able to answer!

I’m planning to post about other Japanese products that I like in the near future.  🙂


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