Review: Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription

**I apologize in advance, I don’t have many pictures of the previous boxes I received, but I will definitely post pictures and more detail about the next box coming in!!

Lately, I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe and noticed that I have had a difficult time finding pieces that I really liked.  It was discouraging to go the mall or shop online, and not find a single thing I thought was worth getting.  Like any other shopaholic 😉 I was becoming frustrated!  A close friend of mine mentioned that she had heard of Stitch Fix and was considering giving it a shot.  After looking at the Stitch Fix website, I was really excited and decided to give it a shot!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Stitch Fix is a subscription website, specializing in clothes and accessories.  Each box is packaged with several items that you are able to try on in the comfort of your own home.  If there are any items that you do not wish to keep, the box includes a prepaid envelope which can be used to return any unwanted items.  The subscriber will keep any items they want, and then be billed by Stitch Fix for only those items.

There is a styling fee that can be used towards the subscriber’s final purchase.  However, if you find that you do not like anything in the box and send ALL items back, the styling fee is still charged.

What’s included in the box?
The box is nicely wrapped in logo wrapping paper and a special printed design in the interior of the box.  It includes the following:
–  Note from the stylist who assembled the box
–  Billing invoice
–  Prepaid return envelope
–  Cards showing pictures of the items received with other pieces of clothing to give you an idea of how to style what you received
–  Several items that you can select to keep or send back

08022015 (1)

Here’s a picture of the cards I received showing pictures of how to style the pieces.  The pictures may seem a little misleading, if you haven’t signed up or heard about Stitch Fix before.  Not everything shown in the pictures were included in the box – for example, on the bottom left, I only received the top in the picture.  The rest of the items pictured are included to give me an idea of what else I might already have to put the look together.

How does the stylist determine what to send you?
There are a series of questions on the website when you sign up.  The questionnaire is rather extensive and even asks about particular fabrics that you prefer, daily style preferences, and articles (types) of clothing and/or accessories that you would like to receive.  For example: you can opt to say that you do not want to receive any necklaces, etc. in the boxes.  One thing I thought was particularly helpful is that the questionnaire also has pictures of different styles, and asks the subscriber to indicate how much they like or don’t like the particular style.

Can I specify frequency?
There are a few different options to specify how often you would like a box to be sent to you – monthly, every other month, or every 3 months (4 boxes per year).  I decided to go with the 3 month option, because if I ended up keeping at least one item each box, I felt that 4 items per year wasn’t too much of a stretch.

How much does this subscription cost?
Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee that can be used towards any items that you decide to keep.  If you return ALL items, the $20 fee is still charged.  Each item varies in price depending on what you’re keeping – accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.  So far, the items I’ve kept were tops that were about $50-60 each.  The $20 styling fee could be used towards the $50, for example, so in the end I paid $30 extra to keep the top.  I think many people might find this to be a rather expensive subscription box depending on what you decide to keep.  If you decide to keep all of the items in the box, they give you a % discount off the entire bill.

How does Stitch Fix know how much additional balance owed if you keep any items?
Stitch Fix gives you 3 days to try on clothes and make a decision.  Anything you do not want to keep will be sent back in the prepaid envelope that was included with the box.  After figuring out what you want to keep, you’ll sign on to your online account and specify the items that you selected.  You’ll also be able to give your feedback on the items, so that a stylist can tweak the items the next time you receive anything.  I’m assuming that the returned items are confirmed once they receive it back at their facility.

Overall feedback & experience:
–  Great way to add pieces of clothing to your current wardrobe, if you want someone else to surprise you with items they picked.
–  Exciting process!
–  Convenience – you don’t need to leave the house to shop, or browse a website for hours trying to find something you like.
–  You want to try new things – there may be items included that you may not be something you would normally pick on your own

–  Items may have a high price point
–  Lack of control with the items picked (since it’s  a surprise!)
–  $20 styling fee whether you decide to keep items or not

I’ve received 2 Stitch Fix boxes to date.  I was really excited with the first box, and did find a great top that I liked.  The issues I had with the first box were – I was trying to diversify my current wardrobe, and everything in there was so similar to stuff I already had!  In a way, this shows an excellent job to the stylist who picked the items.  I mean, they obviously did a good job of matching my style to the point where these pieces could be easily integrated into my closet.

In the attempt to try to diversify my 2nd box, I specified in my feedback that the items I received were too similar to things I already had.  I also mentioned that I was trying to have a variety of things in my wardrobe and expand the types of things I wear.  Well…be careful what you wish for?  My 2nd box didn’t really have anything I liked.  I wish I took pictures of it to share!  Unfortunately, I ended up mostly forcing myself to keep at least one item, because I couldn’t see wasting a $20 styling fee.  I wasn’t interested in anything included in the box, and the item that I did like…maybe it could have come in a different color.  Because my skin tone is fair, the light grey top will likely make me look washed out.

Overall, I’m glad I tried Stitch Fix.  I think it was a good experience, and I did like the items I received in the first box.  To be honest, I think this is really for the person who is looking to diversify their wardrobe and try new things.  If you’re picky…this might not be for you.  HOWEVER, I have some other friends who really like the items that they’ve been getting!  They also know others who really like Stitch Fix as well and have been subscribing for months!  Stitch Fix makes it easier for them to shop for clothing from the comfort of their home, without having to spend the time searching through clothing racks.

In any case, I thought it was worth giving this one last try.  3rd time’s a charm?  I’ll keep you posted on what I get my next box!  It should arrive in about a month.

Have any of you tried Stitch Fix?  What are your thoughts?  How were the items you received?  Love it?  Didn’t like it so much?  Let me know in the comments!

*This post contains a referral link to StitchFix, if you’d like to give it a try!  Please see my disclosure page if you have any questions.*


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