Picking A Puppy – Things To Consider

Selecting a puppy is a tough task!  I was asked a lot of questions by friends on how I came to deciding that Katsu was the puppy I wanted to bring home.  I’ll be sharing my thought process and things I considered while going through this very special time.  If you would like to know more, keep reading!

Things to consider when you first start your search:
1.  Will I have time for the puppy?  Am I going to be the only person caring for it, or is this a family agreement?  This is a big commitment and will take a lot of time!
2.  Where will I get my puppy from?  Adoption?  (Some people have strong opinions about this, and I do not want to get into this as to not offend anyone!)
3.  Is there a particular size of dog that I can accommodate in my home?  Is there a yard or outside space available for bigger breeds?
4.  Is there a particular personality of a dog that I can manage?  (Super high energy or relax and lazy)

It is possible that people have even deeper thought process in regards to being able to handle training, having the patience and understanding that any puppy or dog will have to get adjusted and familiar with your home, etc.  I didn’t have these types of worries, but just wanted to mention them as food for thought.

To be honest, I was rather picky when it came down to things.  I was familiar with one breed (Labradors) and am partial to larger breeds.  I also I didn’t want to get a dog breed known to have possible aggressive personality traits.  I was lucky to find that a family friend knew of someone who was having Labrador puppies!  YAY!  And thus begun my process of actually selecting the puppy I would be bringing home.

Now, let’s get into what I did when I saw the group of puppies!

There were 3 puppies to select from.  I visited them when they were 6 weeks old.  Apparently this is when they start to look and act like they’ll be as adult dogs.  (Nice tip I didn’t know about!)  I spent about 1 hour with the puppies to watch them interact with each other, interact with me, and see how they generally were.  Here’s what I found:

Puppy #1:  He was such a chubby little thing!  Completely adorable, had a great face!  He was very engaged and loved that he got to meet new friends (us!).  He was very playful with Puppy #2.  Yapped a LOT and was very LOUD!

Puppy #2:  Very cute!  He looked like he was the runt because he was noticeably smaller than Puppy #1 and Puppy #3.  He was highly interested and engaged with us, he wanted to play and bite our hands when we tried to pet him.  He looked at us and faced towards us all the time.  If you weren’t paying attention to him or were petting the other two puppies, he surely let you know he wanted to be carried or pet.

Puppy #3:  Sleepy.  Somewhat uninterested in us.  Curious about things around us and outside of the enclosed area (we were in a fenced “kennel” area).  Appeared independent, and wandered off to the corners away from us a few times.

Can you guess which puppy is Katsu?

07232015 (1)

He’s Puppy #3!

Selecting a puppy from a little is definitely a personal choice.  The reason why I picked the puppy who didn’t seem interested in me is because my last dog had a terrible case of separation anxiety, and I’m hoping that Katsu will grow into a confident dog who doesn’t have these issues.  Also, the other puppies barked a lot or seemed to have jealousy traits – which, who knows!  They could be the most calm and well behaved puppies today!

In the end, it’s all about preference and what you feel is right.  I think I got really lucky with Katsu because he’s well mannered and feels very comfortable with us and allows us to handle him if we need to.

If anyone has tips about how to teach puppies to stop play biting or biting on their leash and wanting to play tug of war, PLEASE let me know!  These are things we’re currently working on.  They’re slowly getting better, but I would love to hear of any recommendations.

If you’re a puppy/dog owner, how did you select your dog?  Feel free to share your story!


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