Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015! Vince Camuto “Empa” Pointy Flats

Nordstrom is definitely one of my favorite stores to shop at, ESPECIALLY when there’s a sale!!!  (Well, what girl can say no to a sale?!  Hello?!?!)  I always seem to have some great luck with either great finds that I absolutely love, OR great deals.  Or, heck!  BOTH!

I’ve gotten responses before like, “Nordstrom, sale?  That must still be expensive.”  I absolutely agree – certain items still are pricey, but you can definitely get lucky and find a good deal, too!  I’ve purchased tops for $20 or less during Nordstrom sales, so don’t shy away, you might just find something awesome!

ANYWAY, let me quit the rambling and get right to it!

The 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary sale, led me to these Vince Camuto “Empa” Pointy Toe Loafter Flats.  I LOVE shoes of all kinds!  (What girl doesn’t?!)  But, I’ll be honest here – in most cases I’m far too lazy to put on a pair of heels, and I prefer flats.  And although I do love heels, I just can’t see myself wearing them for an 8+ hour work day!..even though I work in an office….hehe.

If you prefer flats and work in an office environment, like I do, I would highly recommend grabbing a pair of flats like these!  They have a classic pointed toe, with a slight twist of being a loafer.  The snake embossed detailing makes these look like high end luxury flats.  I swear, if I saw someone else wearing these, I’d assume they’re Jimmy Choo’s!

A few highlights about these flats:

  • Great packaging!  (This doesn’t have anything to do with the product itself, but it’s nice to see that the brand cares about packaging their product nicely so that it retains it’s shape and does not get damaged during transport)
  • Comfortable and soft interior – no rubbing on the inside of the shoes!
  • Ultra luxury look!  (Thank you, snake embossed leather!)
  • Classic style, great for office looks!
  • Can also be worn outside of the office, perhaps to dinner or a special occasion!  (Very functional!)

I’ve owned a different pair of Vince Camuto flats in the past, about 5 years ago.  They were also very comfortable, so I highly recommend giving these a try if you can!  My last pair of flats were a steal from, and were a pointed toe flat with bow detail at the toe.

Let me know if you have any questions about these, if you’re considering purchasing them!  I’d love to hear about the types of shoes others are interested in and love!

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