Barkbox Review: June 2015 Box #1

I know this post is behind schedule!  August is quickly approaching, however, I did want to share a thorough review about my BarkBox experience beginning with the first box that was received.  Please read on if you are interested!

In attempt to spoil my puppy, I decided to try a subscription of BarkBox.  I read many reviews about other puppy/dog subscription websites, and decided to give this is the one a shot, since I heard more about BarkBox than the other subscriptions.  Generally speaking, I felt that although there was some information that the sites all provided (cost per subscription, ability to select dog size, etc.) I still felt like I would have liked a little more information.  During the “research” phase, I didn’t necessarily feel SOLD on any of the subscriptions, so I bit the bullet and decided to go with BarkBox.

I’m new to the world of subscription boxes, although I know they’ve been around for at least a few years now.  I’ve been hesitant to try any, because I don’t like the feeling of paying for something that is a surprise (depending on the price, of course!)  I figured a puppy/dog subscription was hit or miss anyway, and whether I received toys and treats through a subscription or by walking into a pet store…I wouldn’t really know if my dog liked them until he actually tries whatever the product is.  (Sometimes, I’m sad they don’t have a voice so that they can just be direct and say “mom!  I would like this one, please!”

The July 2015 BarkBox I received looked a little something like this:

07222015 (1)


There were several questions that the website went through in regards to age and size of the dog.  I’m not quite sure if age was actually taken into consideration though, I don’t know if I’m able to confirm that, but I will update this if I do!

The box contained the following:

  1. Space bandanna – I haven’t actually tried to put this on Katsu yet!  He tried to eat it when I attempted to put it around his neck!
  2. Space shuttle squeak toy – THIS WAS HIS ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TOY!!!!  Although…it is rather loud, so dog owners beware!
  3. Pocket trainer, training treats – I honestly am not sure if he really likes these or not, he seems a little less interested in these compared to other snacks.
  4. Chew bar – This is the one product in the box I wasn’t thrilled with.  Katsu was a tiny pup when I received this first box and I was so afraid to give this huge bar to him to chew on!  I still have it sitting around…and I honestly forget it exists….woops.
  5. Dishwasher and oven safe bowl – This is the cutest!  Shaped like a paw.  There are recipes that you can look up online for items that you can bake in this flexible “rubber” material.  I would consider giving it a shot…but Katsu decided this was a great toy and unfortunately, chewed on it a little too much.

The item in the box I was most pleased with was the Space shuttle squeak toy!  Even with it’s insane loudness!!  Prior to actually picking up Katsu and bringing him home, I hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks and didn’t realize how tiny he would still be!  I purchased some toys but they were all to big for him.  This was the perfect size for his tiny mouth to actually pick up and carry around.  When he was first playing with this, he wasn’t able to actually squeak it.  My assumption is that because Labradors have soft mouths and don’t bite down too hard, this might have been the “problem”, but now…he LOVES squeaking that thing to death!  It’s still in great condition even after a few times through the washing machine!

I went with the 3 month subscription to BarkBox, because honestly I think these toys and treats will get backed up at my house!  We’ve been limiting Katsu’s intake of snacks and he hasn’t broken any toys yet, so there’s really no need for replacement.  Things are piling up!  I also figured that 3 months worth of toys is good enough!  I don’t mind running to the store every now and then to pick up treats, since we aren’t going though them too quickly anyway.

I am considering trying some of the other subscription boxes though, just for fun, to see what else is out there!

Review on the July 2015 BarkBox will be posted soon!  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or experiences with these subscriptions as well!

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Barkbox Review: June 2015 Box #1

  1. Ashlyn @ A Mom In Training says:

    BarkBox!! This just reminded me about how I’ve been meaning to sign up for it but kept forgetting! Omg, the things in the June box look like fun, but your reviews about each item are making me think twice about diving into the subscription… I’m wondering my dog would chew the bowl instead of eat out of it… lol! Looking forward to your July review!

    How much is it?


    • the.nitta.notes says:

      If I had taken the bowl away earlier, Katsu probably wouldn’t have chewed it! He chews all of his bowls, no matter what they are made of!! The 3 month subscription came out to a little over $20/month. The only downfall is you have to pay the entire subscription amount up front. Depending on how many months you subscribe for, the amount per box is different. The more months, the cheaper it is per box. Hope that helps!! This month looks more promising!!


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