Review: Tom Ford Anoushka Sunglasses

I’m so excited to share this review!!!  I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses for LONG time!  Specifically, sunglasses with a black plastic frame.  Why is it so difficult to find black plastic framed sunglasses, you ask?  Well, if you have a low nose bridge, like I do, then it can be rather difficult.  The last two pairs of sunglasses I have owned (and still have) are both aviator style frames.  Aviator style frames come with nose pads, which help to support the glasses on my face – rather than sliding down my face or having the lens VERY close to my eyes.

I wasn’t always so cautious about the styles of frames that I purchased.  In high school and college, I would pick up any style I thought looked good and didn’t pay as much attention to support and fit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how important it was back then!  Purchasing sunglasses just for looks was not a great decision on my part.  I ended up becoming uninterested in the glasses quickly because they weren’t comfortable to wear and I would get annoyed with having to adjust them on my face often, and ultimately got rid of those.

Fast forward a few years to today – I’m conscious of thoroughly looking into my options for sunglasses, take into consideration my face shape and what works best, and take my time in making a selection.

The Tom Ford “Anoushka” sunglasses are, very honestly, a splurge.  I saved up my Nordstrom Notes so that I didn’t have to pay full price for these.  On Nordstrom’s website, they currently are available in black or tortoise colored frames.  I noticed a couple of additional colors on the Tom Ford website.

In the Tom Ford logo box, you receive:

  • Sunglasses & case
  • Authenticity card
  • Informational insert about the glasses
  • Cleaning cloth

I love the classic style, big frames and gradient lens color.  These do not slide down my face, as they do have more support than most plastic frames.  One of the biggest reasons why I decided to move forward with this particular purchase, is because I also have difficulty finding plastic sunglasses that accommodates longer eyelashes and mascara.  A frequent problem I have with certain frame styles, is that the glasses sit so close to my eyes, that my eyelashes touch the glass and then sometimes get bent in all kinds of ways.  I’ve read several reviews about Tom Ford sunglasses, and it seems like others who have the same challenges that I do, have them put to rest with these and other frames from Tom Ford!

I’ll list a few pros and cons about these glasses below, in case anyone is in the market for sunglasses or are wondering about this specific pair.


  • Classic style
  • Oversized frames
  • Great fit!
  • Excellent quality – sturdy


  • Soft, delicate case
  • Weight (these could be considered heavy depending on what you’re used to)
  • Price point

I was surprised about the fabric that was used to make the case, and I do not feel that it is strong enough to be protective to the sunglasses.  I’m the type of person who tosses my sunglasses into my purse with MANY other items!  The case is large in size, therefore I see that being difficult to manage.  Also, for a couple of years I’ve been wearing Rayban aviators, which are MUCH lighter than these large plastic frames.

Overall, I’m absolutely happy with my purchase!  I think with time, I’ll get adjusted to the weight of these sunglasses.  Let me know if you have any questions!  I’m also curious about what your favorite sunglasses are and why!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Tom Ford Anoushka Sunglasses

    • the.nitta.notes says:

      Honestly, I was scared for the LONGEST time about getting cateye frames…I thought it might have a little too much SOMETHING. But, it’s all about finding the right one 😀
      Props to your fabulous Amazon find!


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